Content Pictures - Spirit of Creativity

Agency: Content Pictures
Client: Boys & Girls Club of Hartford
Award: Spirit of Creativity


Creative Director: Derek Dudek
Editor: Billy Senia

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This award was a tough one: important, very meaningful and something we had to think about throughout the judging. The other judges and I were tossing around a few ideas on the first day but it wasn't until the second day that something really stuck in my mind. When we first viewed the video for the Boys and Girls Club of America, I was watching it and considering it's merits as a video piece. Later, when I compared it to some of the other really fantastic pieces in the show, it still stood out as something that worked on so many levels. It was beautifully shot, it conveyed a really lovely and realistic sentiment and it was done on a very small budget. It amazed me that the creators of the video were able to  achieve all of this. It really did stick with me: I showed it to the on-air staff at Nickelodeon in our weekly inspiration meeting and they were all visibly moved and really impressed. It's something that normally wouldn't show up on their radar so I was thrilled to share it.

This was a unanimous vote for the judges. The fact that the piece was pro bono was astonishing. It really made the viewer feel something for the kids and was really honest in its delivery. Which is such a nice departure from the big budget work. Its one of those pieces I wish I was behind. Back to basics in the most simplest and beautiful way. Really great work!

Creativity is always a tough idea to pin down, but in my opinion one of the most creative acts is doing a lot with a very little. This video did that, in addition to pulling on the heart strings. What could easily have been a really trite, "just follow the brief" piece became an expertly crafted video that really made an emotional connection with all of the judges. It showed restraint in execution, and really let the kids' personalities and voices shine.

Our Spirit of Creativity Award was not solely based on artistic creativity in the textbook sense, but was coupled with human emotion and cultural relevance as well.

The Spirit of Creativity award was selected based on inspiration in creative action - and seemed to be the obvious choice.