Aaron Kotowski Photogrpahy - Judges' Award

In Support of the Mission
By: Aaron Kotowski Photography
Client: Lockheed Martin

Chris Piascik - Judges' Award

1000 Days of Drawing
By: Chris Piascik
Client: Chris Piascik

James Rober Creative - Judges' Award

Orbits of Scale Poster
By: James Robert Creative
Client: Design is Love

Adams & Knight - Judges's Award

For Sale
By: Adams & Knight
Client: Canton Raptor Care

Chris Piascik - Judges' Award

The Motherf#cker With The Hat
By: Chris Piascik
Client: TheaterWorks


I'm a huge fan of Chris Piascik and I think his 1,000 Drawings project was inspired, crazy and wonderful The fact that he was able to complete it in such a memorable and beautiful book is the icing on the Piascik cake. Not one of those drawings feels phoned-in to me and poring over the completed book was such a treat. I'm amazed by Chris' design and illustration skills and jealous of his writing talent. The introductions to each section are a great added bonus and they add another level of Chris to the book. It was great to see other work by Chris in the show but this was by far my personal fave.

Don't need to explain much. The typography, illustration and layout is beautiful! So simple and straight to the point. The essence of good design. And most importantly: how often do you get a piece that has "MOTHER-F#©*ER" on it? Chris Piascik is a "MOTHER-F#©*ER" of a typographer!

As much as I appreciate design that skillfully solves client problems, I think there is also a place for purposely cryptic and esoteric imagery. Perhaps tipping more towards the art end of the scale, this poster caught my attention early on with its blend of Sci-Fi, religious and cartographic imagery. It's the kind of work that one wants to spend a lot of time with and would get more out of each viewing.

My personal "judge's award" was equally as hard to select because I had to choose from a wide range of art and mediums. My decision boiled down to a very strong graphic poster with good color and amazing composition. This poster stuck in my mind from the first time i saw it until the end of the judging when I had to pick just one piece. Forecasting and trends research are an integral part of my career. Therefore, I appreciated that the colors in this piece were very fashion forward and decided that such creative insight deserved my award. I also feel that this piece is modern and timeless in a way that I would be drawn to for years to come...

My own judge award was based on the strength of some of the individual images as well as the effectiveness of the body of work as a whole. Additionally, it worked well on technical as well as conceptual levels, and the body of work fulfilled the assignment with an elegant, unexpected artistry.