Outthink - Best in Show

Agency: Outthink
Client: Lyme/Old Lyme Garden Tour
Award: Best in Show



Selecting the Best in Show was nearly a no-brainer for all of the judges. The Lyme Old Lyme Garden Tour campaign appeared a few times throughout the day in various categories. We were all raving about it each time it surfaced. I spoke with Nick about it late in the day and both of us agreed that it was perfectly executed. That kind of design is tricky to accomplish and can easily look hackneyed. But we all appreciated the skillful combination of design and illustrative elements and the beautifully composed typography.

This was another no brainer. Such amazing design, collage and type work. All the hidden elements that allowed you to get lost in the spaces between. It elevated the event it was promoting miles above what it could have been and as a package it was incredible beautiful and thought out amazingly well. The designer(s) behind this piece should make us all shake in our boots.

The Lyme Old Lyme Garden Tour series is a great example of some of the standout work. While the collage aesthetic is nothing new, the details are really what made this campaign work. The unique type perfectly complimented the textural elements, and the photographic elements were both well chosen and well integrated. All of these elements came together not just once, but to create a series. Fantastic work.

Choosing the Best in Show Award was very hard and challenging to say the least. The top pick was an amazing composition that captures many creative design elements.

We chose Best in Show because it was beautifully done in every respect - it's overall effectiveness, and it's execution both technically & aesthetically, and, too, the impression it left in memory.