CADC 44th Annual Awards Show

The Richard Hess Spirit of Creativity Award

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Spirit of Creativity
  • category: Books
  • firm: University of Connecticut Graphic Design
  • client: Glenn Mitoma, Dodd Center for Human Rights
  • creative director: Steve Bowden
  • art director: Steve Bowden, Laurie Sloan
  • designer: Addicus Bagwell, Ed Ho, Caroline Amberg. Katie Ouimette, Rob Varszegi, Holly Zheng, Sarah Woodward, Emily Karam, Connie Tao, Haley Stein, Mitchell Britton, Maggie Hoynes, Darrell Knighton, Deanna Lavoie
  • printer: Counterproof Press
  • other credits: Kelsey Miller, Chad Uehlein, Mark Zurolo

RISO printed book of the University Declaration of Human Rights