CADC 44th Annual Awards Show

Judges’ Awards

Portraits from a Place of Grace

  • Judge’s Award
  • category: Miscellaneous
  • firm: CO:LAB
  • client: Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs

To develop a public art installation on the site of the future African American Cultural Center, we worked with community leaders to organize in the targeted African American Neighborhoods, capture portraits and record oral histories.

I am delighted to recognize the Portraits from a Place of Grace Exhibition Installation/Event at Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia as an example of how cultural institutions can interrogate their role in either advancing or inhibiting social progress by leveraging not only their curatorial discretion but also their physical presence in an effort to rectify pervasive inequality in the art world. I commend the museum for their targeted outreach to the black community and their bold use of photography to challenge the negative stereotypes and visual tropes that have been perpetuated in the medium throughout its history.
—Andrea Wise

Goodwill "Feeling Good All Around - Back to School" & Goodwill "Feeling Good All Around - Office"

  • Judge’s Award
  • category: Television Series
  • firm: GO
  • client: Goodwill Of Western and Northern CT

The “Feeling Good All Around” campaign illustrates what an all around good decision looked like in a fun, light-hearted, memorable tone. This is what saving money, getting a great product, doing good for you community and environment looks like.

The “Feeling Good All Around” campaign from Goodwill achieves its goal quickly and not desperately.¬†Clean and simple, Keith Haring-esque line drawings super imposed around the actors communicate the positive side effects and perks of good will AND Goodwill. Though they’re the central theme of the advertisement, I don’t find them to distract from the light hearted yet socially relevant message being delivered. ie. Saving money, recycling, and general eco-consciousness.
—Cheryl Doerr-Gochez

Kazaam! brand

  • Judge’s Award
  • category: Integrated Branding Program
  • firm: CO:LAB
  • client: Kazaam! Elixirs

Packaging and website defining the brand sensibility of a beverage customizing elixir. Add it to beer (or any beverage really) to liven it up.

If you are going to be introducing a new product with a new user pattern to the market, it helps to stand out and draw people in before they know what you do — the ”hey what’s that cool thing” factor, and this design has that in spades. A striking, bold design that stands out on shelf while still feeling at home in the beverage section, kazaam! is a strong example of creating a new market through strong design.
—Ben Whitla

Wallace Stephens Poetry Program

  • Judge’s Award
  • category: Poster Series
  • firm: Design Center Studio
  • client: The Creative Writing Program / UConn
  • creative director: Edvin Yegir
  • art director: Edvin Yegir
  • designer: Various
  • copywriter: Various
  • illustrator: Various
  • printer: Counterproof Press / UConn

A limited edition poster [100 letterpress printed] for the annual Wallace Stevens Poetry Program. Each year a new unpublished verse or prose excerpt is utilized as basis for the design of this commemorative poster series.

I gave my Judges award to “Joy Harjo” these letterpress posters were great. Everything from the paper to the colors and content. I was initially drawn to the work because of its composition. The use of negative space, geometric form and typography draws you in and lets you discover the process of making. The tactile nature of letter press adds another dimension to the work, which is one I have always been fond of. Lastly, the messages contained in the poems themselves. Really well done. I learned graphic design by change type on a proof press and an offset. This took me back to the root of why I became a designer, what I love about it and why I still do it to this day!
—Damion Silver


  • Judge’s Award
  • category: Poster
  • firm: Design Center Studio
  • client: Art & Art History Department / UConn
  • creative director: Edvin Yegir
  • art director: Edvin Yegir
  • designer: Various
  • copywriter: None
  • illustrator: Variouis

The poster series in this entry represents but one component of the multi-platform design system [print, digital, motion] that was conceived for the 2019 BFA exhibition announcing and promoting this yearly exhibition.

This poster series caught my eye for its playful simplicity. I love the repeated shapes and the offbeat primary color palette. The series feels like a fresh spring breeze that surely would’ve enticed me to step inside the BFA exhibition.