CADC 44th Annual Awards Show

Gold Awards

ilani 2019 New Year's Eve Party Invitation

  • Gold
  • category: Consumer Direct Mail
  • firm: Overabove
  • client: ilani casino

ilani's 2019 New Year's Eve Party invitation.

Nutmeg "Lucky" (:30), Nutmeg "Lucky (Pitch)" (:30), Nutmeg "It's Still Banking Awesome" (FULL)

  • Gold
  • category: Television Series
  • firm: GO
  • client: Nutmeg State FCU

Nutmeg State FCU is an anything but a traditional credit union. "Lucky" is a campaign within a campaign that reinforces who Nutmeg is, doubling down on the long successful mantra “Banking Awesome” while poking fun of the ad agency industry.

Office Survival Camp 2019 Calendar

  • Gold
  • category: Self-Promotion
  • firm: Taylor Design
  • client: Taylor Design
  • creative director: Daniel Taylor
  • art director: Daniel Taylor
  • designer: Bria Caso, Taylor Design creative team
  • copywriter: Stacey Resnikoff
  • illustrator: Cindy Lau
  • printer: Printech, Stamford, CT

Annual self promotional mailer sent to clients, prospects and friends. TD staff selects a concept and applies concept to 12 months. The piece serves as a desk calendar and as a reminder that Taylor Design is an excellent creative resource.

AEGIS 2017 Annual Report

  • Gold
  • category: Annual Report
  • firm: SVP Partners
  • client: AEGIS Insurance Services Inc.
  • creative director: Jean Page
  • art director: Jean Page
  • designer: Jean Page, Bob Vitale
  • photographer: Amos Chan, Bill Gallery
  • printer: Universal Wilde
  • paper stock: Domtar, Cougar Super Smooth

Educate the AEGIS membership on the benefits of the mutual. Unlike the commercial market, AEGIS is there for its members in good & bad times. Highlight the company's financial strength & key differences with the commercial market. AEGIS stays & pays.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Gold
  • category: Books
  • firm: University of Connecticut Graphic Design
  • client: Glenn Mitoma, Dodd Center for Human Rights
  • creative director: Steve Bowden
  • art director: Steve Bowden, Laurie Sloan
  • designer: Addicus Bagwell, Ed Ho, Caroline Amberg. Katie Ouimette, Rob Varszegi, Holly Zheng, Sarah Woodward, Emily Karam, Connie Tao, Haley Stein, Mitchell Britton, Maggie Hoynes, Darrell Knighton, Deanna Lavoie
  • printer: Counterproof Press
  • other credits: Kelsey Miller, Chad Uehlein, Mark Zurolo

RISO printed book of the University Declaration of Human Rights

Brigham Health magazine

  • Gold
  • category: Corporate / Institutional/Public Service Periodicals
  • firm: Taylor Design
  • client: Harvard University/Brigham & Women’s Hospital
  • creative director: Daniel Taylor
  • art director: Steve Habersang, Daniel Taylor
  • designer: Steve Habersang
  • copywriter: Jennifer Reardon, Lauren Thompson, Sarah M. Jackson
  • illustrator: Michael Hoeweler, John Holcroft, Jamie Jones, Chris Gash
  • photographer: Stu Rosner, Len Rubenstein
  • printer: Universal Wilde
  • other credits: Editor: Joy Howard

Brigham Health is the thought leadership publication for Brigham & Women’s Hospital. This publication serves Harvard Medical School alumni and faculty, hospital donors, and the scientific community at large.

Shionogi Inc. 140th Anniversary Book

  • Gold
  • category: Employee Publications
  • firm: Wyant Simboli
  • client: Shionogi Inc.
  • creative director: Julia Wyant
  • art director: Gareth Mitchell, Julia Wyant
  • designer: Gareth Mitchell, Julia Wyant
  • copywriter: Wyant Simboli and Shionogi Inc,
  • illustrator: Gareth Mitchell
  • photographer: Shionogi Archives
  • printer: GHP Media
  • paper stock: Various
  • other credits: NB Book Binding

140th Anniversary Commemorative book custom designed as a gift for each employee at Japanese Pharmaceutical company Shionogi Inc. Utilize special printing techniques incl hand-stitched Japanese binding.

Amenta Emma Architects Business Card

  • Gold
  • category: Stationery
  • firm: Blakemore, Christina
  • client: Amenta Emma Architects
  • creative director: Nicole Owens
  • designer: Ritz Henton
  • illustrator: Christina Blakemore
  • printer: Moo
  • paper stock: Mohawk Superfine

A collaborative design effort centered around Amenta Emma’s inhouse creative’s personal illustration project – the new business card captures the edgy and fun spirit of the Hartford based architecture + interior design firm.

Muscle Memory

  • Gold
  • category: Catalogs
  • firm: Design Center Studio
  • client: MFA Program / UConn
  • creative director: Edvin Yegir
  • art director: Edvin Yegir
  • designer: Various
  • copywriter: Various
  • illustrator: Various
  • printer: GHP Media
  • paper stock: GPA Matte

The catalog is a component of the identity & branding system designed for the MFA Exhibition Muscle Memory. The typographic identity & the catalog play upon the notion of the body as a collection, accumulation, gesture & assemblage.


  • Gold
  • category: Poster
  • firm: Design Center Studio
  • client: Art & Art History Department / UConn
  • creative director: Edvin Yegir
  • art director: Edvin Yegir
  • designer: Various
  • copywriter: None
  • illustrator: Variouis

The poster series in this entry represents but one component of the multi-platform design system [print, digital, motion] that was conceived for the 2019 BFA exhibition announcing and promoting this yearly exhibition.

Thimble Island Trading Company Posters

  • Gold
  • category: Poster Series
  • firm: Don Carter
  • client: Thimble Island Trading Company
  • creative director: Amy Graver
  • art director: Amy Graver
  • designer: Don Carter
  • illustrator: Don Carter

Series of fine art posters (for sale) to showcase iconic landmarks of Branford, Connecticut

Wallace Stephens Poetry Program

  • Gold
  • category: Poster Series
  • firm: Design Center Studio
  • client: The Creative Writing Program / UConn
  • creative director: Edvin Yegir
  • art director: Edvin Yegir
  • designer: Various
  • copywriter: Various
  • illustrator: Various
  • printer: Counterproof Press / UConn

A limited edition poster [100 letterpress printed] for the annual Wallace Stevens Poetry Program. Each year a new unpublished verse or prose excerpt is utilized as basis for the design of this commemorative poster series.

Sugar Sugar Save the Date

  • Gold
  • category: Announcements / Invitations / Greeting Cards
  • firm: Firebrick Design
  • client: The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts
  • creative director: Pamela Howard
  • art director: Pamela Howard
  • illustrator: Pamela Howard
  • printer: MSU
  • paper stock: Domtar Cougar

This is a sophisticated "golden ticket" that pops around to surprise the viewer. The movement is created with just a few cuts and scores in the paper... but builds a playful and memorable moment for the recipient!

Portraits from a Place of Grace

  • Gold
  • category: Miscellaneous
  • firm: CO:LAB
  • client: Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs

To develop a public art installation on the site of the future African American Cultural Center, we worked with community leaders to organize in the targeted African American Neighborhoods, capture portraits and record oral histories.

Kazaam! brand

  • Gold
  • category: Integrated Branding Program
  • firm: CO:LAB
  • client: Kazaam! Elixirs

Packaging and website defining the brand sensibility of a beverage customizing elixir. Add it to beer (or any beverage really) to liven it up.

New York Steelhead Website

  • Gold
  • category: Catalog/Product Websites
  • firm: Taylor Design
  • client: New York Steelhead
  • creative director: Daniel Taylor
  • art director: Daniel Taylor, Hannah Fichandler
  • designer: Hannah Fichandler
  • copywriter: Heidi Raker
  • photographer: Bob Handelman
  • programmer: Chris Yerkes

Website for a newly established aquaculture company. New York Steelhead farm raises natural/organic steelhead trout at a controlled indoor facility. The fish is distributed in the northeast to the retail and restaurant market.

DMCT | Connect to What's Next

  • Gold
  • category: Corporate/Institutional/Public Service Video
  • firm: UConn Digital Media & Design - Stamford
  • client: DMCT
  • designer: Steve Harper, Daria Yaseva
  • copywriter: Steve Harper
  • other credits: Animators: Steve Harper, Daria Yaseva

DMCT | Connect to What's Next was produced to bring awareness to the many education and career opportunities in digital media within the state of Connecticut.

Changing Exhibits at the Benton Museum of Art

  • Gold
  • category: Corporate/Institutional/Public Service Video
  • firm: University Communications University of Connecticut
  • client: University of Connecticut
  • creative director: Angelina Reyes
  • photographer: Angelina Reyes

When exhibitions in the galleries end, the art comes down and is replaced by new exhibits. This video was produced to take a look behind the scenes to see the Center Gallery transform in preparation for its new "Game of Thrones" exhibit.

That Vitiligo Guy

  • Gold
  • category: Video - Miscellaneous
  • firm: Cork Factory Films + Communications
  • client: James Mcleod
  • art director: Director--Ted Kawalerski
  • designer: Ass't Director/Editor-- Matt Stanton
  • copywriter: Producer--Gene Mayer

Motivation. Empowerment. Confidence. James Mcleod is a personal trainer and motivational speaker. In his a youth, people stared at his vitiligo. Bullying drove him in the wrong direction. Today, his 'positivity' fills the room and those around him.

State of Mind Session IPA

  • Gold
  • category: Illustration
  • firm: Don Carter
  • client: Collective Arts Brewing
  • creative director: Bob Russell
  • art director: Ryan Thibault
  • illustrator: Edgar Allan Slothman

Beer can illustration for brewery dedicated to promoting artists and raising creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer

Vantis Life Website Illustrations

  • Gold
  • category: Illustration
  • firm: Primacy
  • client: Vantis Life
  • creative director: Lino Ribolla, Kevin Middendorf
  • art director: Jordan Crockett
  • illustrator: Jordan Crockett, Franklin Canales

Vantis Life wanted a way to capture candid life moments in an ownable way without the expense and effort of sourcing stock photos. So, we created a series of whimsical illustrations that completely drove the look of the website and their brand.

dog star funding poster

  • Gold
  • category: Student Print / Published
  • firm: hartford art school
  • client: Dog Star rescue
  • art director: Vivian Chu
  • designer: Vivian Chu
  • illustrator: Vivian Chu

To create a quick way to display the cost of each adoption from Dog Star Rescue

Giovanni's Barber Shop

  • Gold
  • category: Student Print / Unpublished
  • firm: Rosa, Rachel
  • client: University of Hartford
  • designer: Rachel Rosa

Giovanni's is a barber shop brand that also has a line of men's grooming products. The typeface used throughout the brand is Rosa Antiqua.

Fresh Nation New Vendor Campaign

  • Gold
  • category: Student Online & Interactive / Unpublished
  • firm: Beachball
  • client: Fresh Nation
  • designer: Daria Yaseva
  • other credits: Daria, Yaseva, Kaila Baker, Doreen Maclellan, Bryan Santiago

This campaign combines messaging and motion design to help our client reach new vendors and educate them to the service Fresh Nation provides.