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About Jamie and Jamie’s Art Fund

Jamie was a creative soul who had the gift of seeing the world as a thing of beauty. As a child, Jamie saw pictures in the clouds, danced rather than walked, filled reams of paper with her sketches and paintings, performed for any audience, sang to anyone who would listen, and turned anything and everything into a beautiful art project. Her dreams for the future always involved “creating” in one way or another. As she grew into adulthood, she became a talented studio artist, writer, dancer, singer, songwriter, actor, and comedian. Jamie was a lover of people who had the talent of seeing the good in others and making all who knew her feel special. She was known for her warm smile, quick wit, and her loud infectious laughter. Jamie was an avid seeker of new experiences. She embraced the unknown with a seemingly insatiable curiosity and definitely was a person who danced through life to the beat of a different drummer. Jamie’s dream of pursuing a career in the arts was cut short in 2002 just two weeks before her 21st birthday after a brief battle with an aggressive form of lymphoma.

To celebrate Jamie’s vivacious spirit and the beauty that she brought to the world, her family and friends established the Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation. The foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides educational and career development opportunities in the arts including Grants for Schools, Special Project Grants in the Community; Scholarhips, and Jamie’s legacy programs that reflect the experiences, the places, and the people that she loved.

Mission Statement

The Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation is dedicated to the support of young artists who share in Jamie’s creative passion and her love of taking artistic risks. Our goal is to provide opportunities for young artists and early career professionals to expand their artistic talent and to pursue their dreams.

This year Jamie’s foundation has this wonderful opportunity to receive $10,000 in matching funds from a generous Orange-based family foundation. We will receive the $10,000 if we can raise that amount before December 31st. I am hoping we will be able to gather enough donations so we win it. We need approximately $2,500 to qualify and there are 34 days left!

So …. in case you are looking for a worthy cause for a last minute 2012 tax deduction I am hoping that you will consider the Jamie Hulley Arts Foundation.

No gift is too small!

Here are two convenient ways to donate:

  • Charge it via Paypal – go to our website:
  • Send a check made out to the Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation to:
    Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation
    P.O. Box 1208
    Orange, CT 06477
    Thank you and have a holiday season filled with peace, love, and the arts!

Posted on November 29, 2012

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