Connecticut Art Directors Club

Hi, we’re the CADC, care to join?

We’re a devoted group of professionals in the visual communication field and we believe in working together for the betterment of all those who consider themselves creative.

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We feel it’s our responsibility to join together and engage in inspiring dialogue and seek opportunities to learn in a creative community founded on the strength of sustainable relationships. We consider the members of our organization to be stewards of the creative industry, promoting the highest standards of excellence in work practice and professional pursuit.

The CADC helps to develop a stronger membership through:


To stay creative we need to be inspired. Our events, monthly or bimonthly, are a great way to stay engaged and spend time with friends and fellow professionals who share your pursuit of innovative thought. Our “Inspire Me” events bring industry leaders to Connecticut to discuss their work and approach to creativity. Whether attending one of these events or chatting up a local creative, the CADC is your best bet for finding a dialogue that will keep you inspired.


Our organization takes great pride in facilitating the education of current and future members of our industry. Understanding the power and value of good design, illustration and photography makes our chosen profession more valuable to ourselves, our clients and the general public. Each year we host events that focus on new technologies, approaches to thinking and useful techniques for your work.

The CADC is also proud to invite all students to our annual Student Conference and Scholarship Program, a packed day of seminars, career guidance and portfolio reviews. Many highly-regarded professionals share their work and experiences in the creative field, helping to foster the advancement of the next generation of professionals.


As an organization built on relationships, it’s our responsibility to bring people together. Our goal is greater than only knowing someone’s name and title. We hope that you connect with current and future members to build mutually beneficial relationships that last longer than an introduction. We encourage our members to be active in the creative community and help to shape the collective dialogue that we all benefit from. If you’d like a less formal introduction to the Club, please join us for one of our Out of the Box events and experience a casual hangout where you can engage with our community.

Membership Benefits

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  • Receive discounted Awards Show entry fees
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  • Receive access to our Membership Directory
  • Help sustain an organization that you care about

To all of our current and future community members, welcome. Thanks for the support.

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