Connecticut Art Directors Club

2016 2017 Board Members

Christa Yung, UConn Magazine

President  |  Email

Growing up and going to school in Connecticut I was always searching for a group of local like-minded people, and the CADC was just that group! Inspirational and creative events make being a member so much fun and I can't wait to continue helping create more to come. After 1 year of being on the board I am excited to take on the secretary role and keep things rolling!

Jordan Crockett, Primacy


Bria Caso, Taylor Design


Amber Maddox, Overabove

Executive Director  |  Email

Over the past few years I have learned that being a part of this organization means being part of an amazing history of talent and creativity. I am inspired by the energy of our community and the new ideas that they generate. It has been a pleasure to learn from past board members and I’m looking forward to contribute to the growth of our club. I am also very excited about the season we have planned for you and I hope you take the opportunity to come out and join us!

Stephen Janus, Outthink

Board Member  |  Email

Being a recent college graduate, I wanted to find something where I could learn new things and meet new people outside of my everyday routine. In the time I’ve been involved with CADC, I’ve had the opportunity to see things I never would have known about otherwise. The events are always a good time and inspirational. Being a member of the board has opened up so many more opportunities for me to involve myself with.

Joanne Kellert, Primacy

Board Member  |  Email

Deb Kline, University of Hartford

Board Member  |  Email

Kathryn McKean, Primacy

Board Member  |  Email

Beth Ann Strong

Board Member  |  Email

Jonathan Fenwick, Web Solutions

Board Member  |  Email

Karen Stevenson, Thumbnail Designs

Board Member