Connecticut Art Directors Club

2016 2017 Board Members

Jason Cheshire, Go Media

President  |  Email

As an award-winning Art Director at GO media, Jason Cheshire has over 15 years of experience in the design field. A field that has taken him across the country and overseas. Having lived and traveled from Hartford, CT to the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe, CA to the rolling tea plantations of Kenya and back has allowed him to work with world-class ski resorts, environmental impact agencies, global expedition companies, Olympic and professional athletes and internationally recognized brands. After volunteering for his first year on the board of the Connecticut Art Director’s Club he was chosen to serve as President for the CADC’s upcoming 2014 – 2015 seasons, which includes their milestone 40th year.

Stephen Janus, Outthink

Vice President  |  Email

Being a recent college graduate, I wanted to find something where I could learn new things and meet new people outside of my everyday routine. In the time I’ve been involved with CADC, I’ve had the opportunity to see things I never would have known about otherwise. The events are always a good time and inspirational. Being a member of the board has opened up so many more opportunities for me to involve myself with.

Christa Tubach, UConn Magazine

Secretary  |  Email

Growing up and going to school in Connecticut I was always searching for a group of local like-minded people, and the CADC was just that group! Inspirational and creative events make being a member so much fun and I can't wait to continue helping create more to come. After 1 year of being on the board I am excited to take on the secretary role and keep things rolling!

Amber Maddox, Outthink

Executive Director  |  Email

I am proud to say this will be my third year in the role as Executive Director. Over the past few years I have learned that being a part of this organization means being part of an amazing history of talent and creativity. I am inspired by the energy of our community and the new ideas that they generate. It has been a pleasure to learn from past board members and I’m looking forward to contribute to the growth of our club. I am also very excited about the season we have planned for you and I hope you take the opportunity to come out and join us!

Todd Busha, Web Solutions

Board Member  |  Email

Jonathan Fenwick, Web Solutions

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Joanne Kellert, Primacy

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Deb Kline, University of Hartford

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Kathryn McKean, Primacy

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Beth Ann Strong

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Karen Stevenson, Thumbnail Designs

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