Connecticut Art Directors Club

President's Welcome

To the creative community,

Even though we’re now half way through the season, I’d like to start off by introducing myself. I grew up and attended college in New Hampshire. Right out of school I became the staff illustrator and one of the designers for the Hartford Advocate. A few years later I moved to the West Coast to a little town with a thriving art community and really got the creative bug. What seemed like a lifetime later I was offered a job back in Connecticut with some former colleagues, where I have since become Art Director.

Feeling a little out of place and not knowing anyone here I joined the CADC in 2013. A year later I became President.

Why am I telling you all this?

I’m still learning about the CADC and just how creative the state of Connecticut really is. When I accepted this position I wasn’t quite sure what I had to offer. I knew very little about Connecticut and even less about the agencies and designers that live here.

So I decided the best thing I could do was listen. I listened to my board and to the people that have approached me at events to voice their opinions and concerns. And just by listening I’ve learned a great deal about who we are as a community. I’ve learned how immense the Fairfield County community is and that when we have events there they show up - so let’s do more. I’ve learned people are willing to drive a long way just for the opportunity to be inspired and to improve our community. I’ve learned the strengths, commitment and talents of my incredible board members and how they inspire me.

I’ve met some incredibly gifted and hardworking artists and designers from one corner of the state to the other and I meet more everyday.

And, most importantly, I’ve learned who the CADC is. A former board member told me she always thought of the CADC as a “grassroots” organization. I loved that statement. To me, being grassroots means having to flex our creative muscles to make good events happen. We have to be creative in our budget, in our resources, creative in how we get it done and how we get the word out.

Being grassroots doesn’t limit us, it does quite the opposite. It gives us the freedom to be as creative as we can be. In our agency, to encourage creativity we always say, “there are no bad ideas”. Because if you’re afraid to share your ideas the rest of the group suffers. Any idea can be the spark that ignites and inspires someone else. And that’s what being a creative community is all about.

So, in our 40th season, let’s celebrate that - the freedom of creativity - and let’s make the rest of this season one of the best.

I hope we see you out there.

Jason Cheshire
President, Connecticut Art Director’s Club